so we begin here
wherever you are
however you have come here
notice your current shape
as you use your mind’s eye to outline the perimeter of your body,
tracing all of the histories, institutions, constructions your contours have been molded by
what are the forces that govern the shape of your body?
what are the systemic involuntary adaptations your body has learned for survival?
what are the repeated, habitual movements you practice that have concretized over time?
the statue is…. 
made of stone, made of steel
made to be impervious to change
a colonial relic and tool for power and control

how do you dream with your muscles?

slipping through the container of your skin
lingering in this perpetual state of change
this pathway towards agency

where do we go from here?
where do we go from here?
where do we go from here?
every moment a fresh beginning
a refusal of any single narrative

what new ways of walking do we need to guide our destinies? what new forms of seeing do we need to remember our interdependence and collectivity?
what new speeds of moving do we need to cultivate attention, depth, trust, and breath?

movement is a manifestation of potentiality
we dance the possible into being
we embody the liberations we long for
only movement exists

body is our birthright
body is our birthright 

Streetlight, Roman Susan, Chicago, 2021
Sacred Wounds, 2021