The Ghost Light Residency activates the theaters in the greater Los Angeles area by granting underrepresented dance theater artists the time and space to creatively reflect on how the pandemic and growing social justice movements have informed their artistic process and expression. 

Musical collaborator: FITNESSS
Photos: Lorrin Brubaker
Video: RYBG 
Lighting: Victor Prudeaux 
Costume: Jenny Liang
Mask: Maya 

"There is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have. Find it." –adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy

I am cradling so many moments of serendipity and memories of aliveness that I created with FITNESSS, RYBG, Victor Prudeaux, and Lorrin Brubaker at the Warner Grand Theatre. It was such a gift to have the spaciousness to develop relationships over the course of a week, held by a beautiful 91 year-old theater. Our languages of movement, sound, lighting, and film intertwined in an improvised dance without us speaking. FITNESSS would play tracks we listened to on our commute, but stretch and distort them live. It was never about staging perfection, but about deep listening. About staying with the in-between, the moments of quiet, breath, and exhaustion as we tried to sync our heart rates. About swimming in the lifetimes of each note, finding the magic of the moment. We would just let the camera roll for an hour and say, “See you on the other side.” It felt like we were holding hands and taking a leap into the unknown.