Co-created by Jay Swuen & Jas Lin, the music video for “Nanao” (难熬) is a haunting tale between two lovers drowning in toxic cycles of entanglement and codependency. Inspired by the ancient Chinese mythological book "The Classic of Mountains and Seas" (山海经 ~300 B.C. ), two dancers portray “MANMAN”(蛮蛮), a mythical beast made of conjoined one-eyed birds. As the video spirals, the two halves undergo a violent process of merging with flashes of fleeting intimacy and tenderness. It is a fizzy chamber yarn, evoking loss, regret, rage, and violence, with flashes of fleeting intimacy and tenderness.

Premiere on NOWNESS ASIA
Featured at Shanghai Improvisation Festival 

Writer / Director / Cinematographer: Jay Swuen
Lead Choreographer: Jas Lin
Editors: Jay Swuen & Jas Lin
1st AC: Christopher Felix
Lead Dancers: Jas Lin, Jaclyn Chu
Ensemble Choreographer: Diana Schoenfield
Ensemble Dancers: Reese Taylor, Sakura Amano, Delaney Davis, Rachel Odebunmi, Ulara Amano, Jordan Mendelsohn, Kira Bartholomew
Stylist: Xiyu Lin
Makeup Artist: Justine Fang
MUA Assistant: Savannah Young
Still Photographer: Ala Cho
Title Design: Marshall Wang
Foreword Quote: "In The Mirror" by Zhang Zao