Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2020
Indie Memphis Film Festival, Memphis, 2020
Moon Room presents DEITY... An Online Fantasy Watch Party, 2020

In this fantasy arthouse short, a non-binary lead confronts fulfilling their mother’s dying wish. But to do so would mean getting their hands dirty fighting a fetus-eating ghoul, and crossing paths with conniving creatures. Does Wei have what it takes to make their mother rest easy in the afterlife?

Directed by Jing Niu
Movement Direction & Dance Choreography by Jas Lin
Dance Trailer Co-Directed & Edited by Jing Niiu & Jas Lin

Director of Photography: Philips Shum
Starring: Kyoko Takenaka
Olivia Raroque
Alexa Kwang
Ysa Calderon
Jerric Shaw
Eric Lee
Katie Qian
Sam Park
Jaclyn Chu
Yuki Naka
Christine Reglos