uH oH...hUMp daY got u down??? 🐪⁣
1. 😖 r U DOG-TIRED of 0pt1m1z1ng eff1c1ency ach1ev1ng $ucce$$ pr0duc1ng del1verable$$??⁣
2. 🥴 r U DROWNING in the VIOLENT POSITIVITY of neoliberal techno manifest-destiny?? ⁣
3. 😩 r U STRESSED cuz u hav so many ppL to DO n so many ppL to FIX???⁣
consider this an invitation to HAPPY HOUR 🍸~ DE-PROGRAM // ‘TREAT YO SELF’ to 42 min + 22 sec of USELESS SENSELESS “PERFORMANCE ART” 🤡

穴 [cavern]:
where land meets sea, space meets void, hope meets hopelessness. a coastal dwelling for the diasporic mermaid– swimming, crawling, dancing, shoaling on the edge; shapeshifting through breath cycles of death and re-birth, remembering and dreaming, belonging and dissolving. an opening to depth and possibility, liminality and transience; an ecotonal container for queer ritual and becoming. 

film photos by Philips Shum