chrysanthemum river is a closing ritual for integrating and transmuting the collective care and grief of Eternal Spa, presented by QNA. lin draws from several east asian funeral performance traditions to embody and facilitate grief, catharsis, and celebration for their community. amid the overwhelming violence and death under white supremacy and cis-heteropatriarchy, they work with movement as a way to process and move through the full spectrum of emotions arising from the ongoing aftermath of anti-Asian and anti-femme violence. their practice of deep feeling is invested in re-membering what the body has been manipulated into numbing and forgetting. through chrysanthemum river, lin hopes to carve out ritual space and ritual time for our congested hearts to be present together as we remember and release, protest and weep, slow and soften, pray and curse, rest and dream.

music by x/o
costume by Jenny Liang
flower installation by khôi