Premiere on Stereogum
Featured on Booooooom TV

“‘Ciphers’ is about the haunting uncertainty in the pathways set out before you, and realizing these courses have become more disorienting than you thought — at best entangled, at worst empty.”

Directed by Jing Niu
Produced by Zoë Alyce Salnave
Cinematography by Philips Shum
Choreographer & Dancer: Jasmine Lin
Production Designer: Anna Lian Tes
Hair & Make-Up: Cindy Flores
Costume Designer: Sami Martin Sarmiento
First AC: Octavio Estrada
Gaffer: James Suter
Art Director: Jacki Huntington
Art Director: Ellen Connaughton
Editor: Jing Niu
Assistant Producer: Tiffany Judkins
Production Assistant: Tiffany Spriggs
Production Assistant & BTS: Andrè Winn
Production Services Provided by SuperSight Media, Inc.