Premiere on 4:3 Boiler Room
Featured on fmml and Higher Frequency

On 24 May 2019 Taiwan became the first Asian country to legalise same sex marriage. But the process has been long and arduous with a series of controversial referendums that blocked its legalization. A response to the situation, Sonia Calico's 'Clutter Confines' is split into four sections, each one presenting visual and sonic cues drawing on the artist's experiences with the referendum. From composer and producer Sonia Calico: “When we are brave enough to free ourselves from discrimination and bias and truly love and respect all as equal, that is when we can escape the confines of clutter and find freedom. ”

Producer/ Sonia Calico, Ash Lin
Director/ Ash Lin, Sonia Calico
Music/ Sonia Calico, Byron Duvel
Choreographer/ Jasmine Lin (林思穎)
Editor/ Sonia Calico, Jasmine Lin (林思穎)
Colorist/ Ash Lin
Cast/ Jasmine Lin (林思穎)
Byron Duvel
Ya Wen Li
Wei Yi Liu
Yinyin Lu
Min Liu
Sonia Calico
Copywriter/ Angela Lin