“Cocoon” is a 45-minute ceremony performed by Jas Lin and Kyoko Takenaka underneath Ahn Lee’s sculpture of the same title. Exploring grief through the container of a cocoon, the performers embody ancestry and progeny, railroad worker and Chop Suey circuit nightclub dancer, silkworm and moth, light and shadow, as they move through non-linear cycles of metamorphosis between the simultaneous truths of trauma, pain, freedom, and joy in their lineage.


A Collaborative Performance Project by Ahn Lee, Jas Lin and Kyoko Takenaka
Performed by Jas Lin and Kyoko Takenaka
Documentation by Aidan Jung
Edited by Ahn Lee, Jas Lin, Aidan Jung and Kyoko Takenaka

Music by
Kyoko Takenaka
Bintang Manira
Ghaliz Haris
Morgan Sully
Recorded in Berlin, Germany August 2021

Ceramic Sculptures by Ahn Lee

Photos by Chani Bockwinkel

Installation at SOMArts Cultural Center for the

2021 Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition
Curated by Kevin B. Chen
on September 10, 2021

In honor of the 2021 Murphy Award Winner Ahn Lee

Presented by the San Francisco Foundation and SOMArts
Dedicated to our elders, our ancestors
those we talk to every day
who guide our work, our movement and our hearts.