♡ queerantine sanctuary ♡ is a virtual community for Pasadena and Altadena LGBTQIA+ high school students & friends hosted by Side Street Projects’ spring artist-in-residence jas lin. Over the course of 6–7 online gatherings, a cohort of ~20 students will collectively explore how to reclaim their bodies as technologies of freedom, while cultivating deeper relationships with one another through dialogue and art-making. jas sees the queer body (both individual and collective) as a dynamic place where we can re-learn our autonomy and re-member our possibility. This is a space for decompression, contemplation, and collaboration– a gentle invitation for students to feel at home in their bodies during quarantine, which becomes more powerful in the context of an intentional community. jas will offer points of inspiration, journaling prompts, and embodiment practices for students to reflect, discuss, and create. This sanctuary will culminate in a collaborative student project shaped by the needs and desires of the group.